Andean Summits

Something magical happened to us when we were teenagers; hiking around the hills of La Paz, our beloved city in Bolivia, we discovered the mountains!. They smiled to us and we could not resist their beckoning beauty. Nature touched us deep in our souls and we dreamed of living there in the glaciated valleys, the grassy meadows and the rocky mountain passes feeling the brisk wind in our faces and being touched by the magnificence of nature. It was something worth to live for!.

That is why we spent as much time as possible traveling and climbing until we were trained by the German Alpine Club DAV (1985). Guiding freelance we gained experience and established Andean Summits S.R.L. (1994). After more than 20 years we finally became UIAGM/IFMGA/IVBV Mountain Guides (2005).

Since then the call from the wilderness has not diminished, just deepened and matured. Our joy grew so that we felt the compelling need to share such deep experience helping our clientele to have a lifetime experience and not just a sightseeing trip.

Since 1994 when we created Andean Summits, we have had hundreds of clients whom can give testimonial about the quality of our services, our professionalism and honesty. Product of the positive feedback of our clientele we are recommended in some of the most prestigious travel guides like Lonely Planet for instance.

We organize trips in Bolivia for the following international adventure operators: DAV Summit Club (Germany), Karavaniers (Canada), Mountain Kingdoms (UK), Explore Bolivia (USA), Otkrytie travels (Rusia), Adventure Alpines (Switzerland), Crested Butte Mountain Guides (USA).

Website updated: 18/Dec/2017