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Sajama National Park (4WSAJAMA)
Cordillera Real sampler (TTCONDOR)
Illimani; the shinning mountain (MEILLIMA)
Janko Kota valley (MEJKOTA)
Cordillera Real to the Amazon trek (TTCONDCHOR)
Uyuni salt flats & lagoons (4WLIPEZ)
Illampu; the god of the Thunder (MEILLAMP)
Acotango; one of the tripplets (TPACOTAN)
Janko Uma; dwelling of gods (MEJUMA)
Huayhuash; touching the heavens (MEHUAYHUA)

Andean Summits

Something magical happened to us when we were teenagers; hiking around the hills of La Paz, our beloved city in Bolivia, we discovered the mountains !. They smiled to us and we could not resist their beckoning beauty. Nature touched us deep in our souls and we dreamed of living there in the glaciated valleys, the grassy meadows and the rocky mountain passes feeling the brisk wind in our faces and being touched by the magnificence of nature. It was something worth to live for !

That is why we spent as much time as possible traveling and climbing until we were trained by the German Alpine Club DAV (1985). Guiding freelance we gained experience and established Andean Summits SRL (1992). After more than 20 years we finally became UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guides (2005).

Since then the call from the wilderness has not diminished, just deepened and matured. Our joy grew so that we felt the compelling need to share such deep experience helping our clientele to have a lifetime experience and not just a sightseeing trip.

Hundreds of happy clients can give testimonial, not only about the quality of our services, but also about our professionalism and honesty.

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Andean Summits
Edificio Luisa #1009, PB
Muñoz Cornejo and Sotomayor, Sopocachi
PO BOX 6976
La Paz,Bolivia 

Phone: (591-2) 242-2106 Fax: (591-2) 241-3273
Emergency mobiles: (591) 719-44722 / 60710505 / 72076582

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Lara Milone (Italy)
(Sun, 2012-01-22)

we organized our travel to Bolivia with Andean Summits for climbing Parinacota. We met very nice people and we would like to thank Jose for the general information provided, Augustin, the driver and the cooker for their kindness. Nevertheless our...

Melchior y Susanna (Suiza)
(Fri, 2012-01-20)

Estimado Xavier,hemos pasado tres semanas muy interesantes en Bolivia con andeansummits. Primer el viaje en el parque national de Sajama , despues el salar de ujuni,despues los valles de Tupiza y volvienda las ciudades de Potosi y sucre . Por fin...

Jean Nicholas Grieco
(Mon, 2012-01-16)

I am working with Andean Summits since 1999. Every summer when I plan my trips to Bolivia I do it it with excitement, with a smile and with confidence. I come to Bolivia like it is my second home, and Jose and Javier are some valued friends. I...

Vassili Lebedev (Otkrytie travels)
(Mon, 2012-01-16)

... all clients who had been travelling with you admit your deep knowledge of the region and sincere keen interest in the subject ... All our clients agree that treks and peaks are much more then a job for you and for Andean Summits; it's a...

Philip TSE (Hong Kong)
(Fri, 2011-07-29)

I traveled with Andeansummits for a 4D3N Salada Uyuni tour, the crew is very professional, polite and always place customers first. I highly recommend Andeansummit to those who want to travel in Bolivia someday. Actually I am a part time column...

Itrina Leeedeva (Moscow-Russia)
(Fri, 2011-07-29)

When I was choosing a climbing / trekking travel agency in Bolivia, I wrote emails to people who had already had experience with different agencies. I chose Andean Summits because all the reviews I got were very positive. I really appreciated the...

Erica Dohring
(Tue, 2011-04-12)

Thank you so much for all of your help. You have by far been the most responsive and friendliest guide service I've contacted about Bolivia. Thank you for being so reasonable and helpful. You guys have good customer service … The...

Marco Cayuso
(Tue, 2011-06-21)

Hola Joseíto!! …  Te escribo para darte las gracias por todo tu apoyo y atenciones durante el maravilloso viaje a Bolivia.  De verdad fue un viaje increíble, y la zona de Quimsa Cruz cumplió todas las...

Bruno Pomati
(Thu, 1997-05-15)

…we made our tour with you in the August 96. As I liked very much Bolivia and I was very well with you and your agency, Im coming back this year with my wife and two other friends with a more ambitious program…

Donald Height
(Fri, 1997-08-01)

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the beautiful mountains and land of Bolivia...