Jean Nicholas Grieco

I am working with Andean Summits since 1999. Every summer when I plan my trips to Bolivia I do it it with excitement, with a smile and with confidence. I come to Bolivia like it is my second home, and Jose and Javier are some valued friends. I never had worries since services are always professionals, from the drivers welcoming you at 6 am at El Alto airport, to the smile of Arles always happy to bring you a warm dinner after a long day in the mountains. Jose and Javier are sensible to the needs of their travelers and they know how to offer a personal touch to them. They love their country and are always avid to share stories and legend with you, being around a good coffee for a talk, or along a walk during those acclimatization days. They have that care about details that with make your experience the best of all and make you remind Bolivia forever, or like me, fall in love with her...

Tue, 2015-12-01